Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Haircut @ Hairkunst

i finally went for a haircut after so long.
haha. this is what everyone will say.
"no difference pun."
okay, yes, i admit that.

i promise promise to change the next cut
kay. :P

i like the environment at Hairkunst.
the hairstylist was really nice :)
and this was the result of the haircut.

but. i don't like it this way,
as in, i prefer my hair to be blown straight
and look like how i would look like normally.
i couldn't judge if i really liked my hair.
until after i got home, washed my hair.
and uh,
dun like.
i really don't like the shape :/
no time and no more money to go for second cut as
it's gonna be Onyx's turn.

Onyx spend RM80 every 2 months+ on grooming
I spend RM40 every 5months+ on haircut!

i really do sacrifice a lot for her :P

Friday, November 19, 2010

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Shampoo and Conditioner

I wasn't very conscious about my hair during high school
(because i was forced to 'bun' up my hair in high school)
until i came to college when tying my hair every morning means
having to wake up 15 minutes earlier.
(YES, 15 mins is A LOT :P heh.)
i changed my shampoo from the regular Rejoice to Sunsilk to Dove to Loreal
hoping that one would some how or rather turn out to be as helpful as those misleading ads.

then i gave up on my hair and did rebonding.
rebonding cost a bomb and only lasted for one year!
after 2 haircuts.
my hair became the normal
dry, frizzy, fly away, unruly hair that gets tangled so easily
so i switched to Lakme
(claimed to be good by my hairdresser)
used Lakme for one year
STILL the same =="
messy and gets tangled easily.

then after getting to know about shea butter,
i saw this shampoo at eBay
and it took me one month before i made up my mind to buy it
because it was so expensive and i gave up trusting shampoos
that claimed to be good for dry hair like mine.

Let me introduce you to my Miracle Shampoo :)
and conditioner :P

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Shampoo andConditioner

Selected for its nourishing and restructuring properties, Shea Butter deeply nourishes the capillary fibers and protects hair and scalp against harsh conditions (sun, wind, cold, colorations…) Hair is instantly shiny, soft and smooth.

Enriched in Shea Butter, this conditioning cream nourishes and restructures dry hair from roots to ends. Its rich formula regenerates and repairs dry ends and protects hair against harst elements (sun, wind, cold, over processing). Conditioning agents shield the capillary fibers and detangle hair. Ultra Rich Conditioner leaves hair shiny, soft and smooth.

My Comment
When this pair arrived at my house,
i was thinking to just try it once and finish using my 'old' shampoo
before using this.

after i used this once,
my hair was just as they describe
" is INSTANTLY shinny, soft and smooth"!!!
YES! i'm serious.
no kidding!

i felt the difference when i was blowing my hair
(with the saloon type of hair dryer)
normally with my previous shampoo - Lakme
right after blowing dry my hair,
my hair gets tangled badly and i can feel that my hair is really really dry!
then it becomes frizzy and fly away and what not!
but after i used this pair of shampoo and conditioner - L'Occitane,
my hair was so soft straight and just minimal minor tangle that can be brushed off easily without force!

no more fly away and frizzy hair!
i'm not exaggerating :P

i thought those reviews at the L'occitane website were exaggerating
but after i use,
i realized that it actually IS THAT good =D

so after using this one time,
i just couldn't go back to using my Lakme shampoo and conditioner.
i'm so stucked with this L'occitane Ultra Rich Shampoo and Conditioner
because i seriously LOVE the feeling of my hair after!

Try it and you'll understand what i mean :P
(Christmas is near, good excuse to get one for yourself :))

Shampoo (250ml) - RM76
Conditioner (200ml) - RM70+

Yes, absolutely pricey!
but if you can get this overseas, you should get the shampoo from UK (11 pounds - RM55+) and the conditioner from France (12 Euro - RM50+)
glad to have many friends in UK =D
don't have to pay overpriced pricey stuffs in M'sia :P

"What you pay is what you get"
NOT really.
because my Lakme shampoo compared to my L'Occitane shampoo
is only cheaper by RM30/Litre
and Lakme, even after using for ONE YEAR couldn't give me an effect,
not even CLOSE to the effect this two duo (L'Occitane) gave me in ONE DAY!


SUPER recommended ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and Pure Shea Butter

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Enriched with 20% Shea Butter, this super-creamy balm penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturise hands. Honey, almond extracts and coconut oil are blended with shea butter to create this extremely effective care. The rich texture is rapidly absorbed to leave the hands soft and smooth with no oily traces. Apply day and night as needed.

My Comment:
Only started to use this for 4 months
and since, my hand has never had any major peels and does not feel dry.

I'm not a fan of creams because i dislike the fact that it makes my hand oily
and everything i touch turns oily.
but this cream absorbs into my skin pretty fast and did not leave an oily layer.

The cream smells really good.

I've never used a hand cream constantly for more than 2 weeks.
and this is the only hand cream that i've been using regularly for 4 months now
and has proven to work for my dry and eczema-fied hands.

i'm happy =D

Price Range: RM80+ (150ml)


L'Occitane 100% Pure Shea Butter

This 100% natural origin organic certified Shea Butter is extracted from wild kernels of Shea tree fruits. It is issued from Fair Trade with cooperatives of women in Burkina Faso. This irreplaceable beauty balm helps to nourish, protect, soften and regenerate dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. Enriched with antioxidant vitamin E.

Use of face, lips, body and hair.Melt in palm of hands before applying.

My Comment:
I got this after i found that the shea butter hand cream was useful
and the hand cream only had 20% of the Shea Butter.
Hence, i was pretty curious about how true the benefits of this Shea Butter was as written on the website.
hence i got 2 of this 8ml 100% Pure Shea Butter and experimented on myself.

When i first got it,
i wasn't quite used to the smell of it but got used to it really quickly.
i was quite reluctant to apply oil onto my skin
as i was afraid that it will be extremely oily and all.
but nope,
the Shea butter melted quickly in my palms
and shortly after application,
it absorbs into my skin and doesn't feel oily

i've had rough and tough skins on my hands
(due to the way i hold my pen :P i use quite a lot of force)
which i've been applying constantly on for about 3 weeks.
and it has successfully soften my tough skin!!

I'm also using it on the scar on my knee
this one takes time but it's noticeable that it's slowly fading :)

I've tried it on Mosquito bites i get from studying in the Kitchen at night which is
just next to the Garden.
(owh the mosquitoes :P)
it soothes the itch and stops itching almost immediately
(prevent scars from scratching :))

Also tried this on cuts.
wow. it really speeds up healing.

i'm seriously amazed with this.
and i'm not exaggerating.
Use it and you'll know :)
i'm a living experiment :P heh.

and i NEVER promote things that i don't trust or believe in.
especially cosmetics!
i never believe in cosmetics until i met L'Occitane :P

Price Range: 8ml - RM29
150ml - RM140+

*miracle shampoo post coming up next :P
but i think you should be able to guess what brand is it already XD

Shea Butter

just got to know about L'Occitane June this year
when Ms. Joyce, my lecturer for F6 and F9 brought me and yan ying
out for lunch to thank us for helping her out
and also gifted us each a Shea Butter Hand Cream from L'Occitane.
(Thank you Ms Joyce :))

err, actually i got to try this hand cream once from Hannah during SAM in Taylors.
i checked it out once then, but did not get it coz it was pricey and i had no income then.
and i NEVER believe in hand creams.
coz nothing ever helped my Eczema.
If you've known me since High school, you'd have known about my horrible Eczema
my hand peels like crazy..
and is super super dry..
my mom always say
"Ling, if someone were to compare my hands and my mom's they would surely say i worked more,
coz my hands were really dry :P"
i also hated those thumbprint machines!
i had to try like 30 times before it'll ever detect my thumbprint or they'll just ask me to return when my skin gets better =="

And and...those who know me knows that i do not use cosmetics
and hence take no notice/interest in cosmetic shops like body shop, L'Occitane..etc.
not until i tried the Shea Butter Hand Cream.

it was so effective i had to do some research on the ingredient that is in that hand cream.

WHAT is Shea Butter?
Shea Butter is natural fats extracted from the nuts (Shea Nuts) of the African Tree (Shea Tree).
100% all natural shea butter is an all-vitamin A cream and has shown to be a superb moisturizer with exceptional healing properties for the skin.

BENEFITS of Shea Butter?
1. Dry skin
2. Skin Rash
3. Soothes Itching Skin
4. Sun Burn
5. Small skin wound
6. Skin cracks
7. Tough or rough skin
8. Stretch marks
9. Scars
10. Eczema (of course! :P)
11. Split ends or Dry hair

can be used on your face, hand, lips, hair, ANYWHERE :P
and the list can go on and on.....
the healing properties of shea butter is pretty amazing!
i'm saying this because i've tried it and it actually works!

here is just a super short and brief info on shea butter.
if you are really interested,
you should ask Mr Google :)
and i know he'll be glad to tell you more about shea butter :P

Following this blog post will be more post on L'Occitane's Shea Butter range of products that i've experimented on. Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revision Classes

I've got a feeling that i'm going to have quite some stuffs to post about
this month :)

starting off with my
Miracle Shampoo
having unruly stubborn and fly away hair like mine?
Stay tune ;)

will post about my miracle shampoo after my F9 Revision classes

today is my first day of F9 Revision class and it was kinda torturous as
my butt have not been put to such an extended time on the chair
for a VERY long time.
since last sem :P

i know this will be over really soon :)
time flies right?
(just not too fast ok :P let me be prepared for my exam first :P)

ttfn - tata for now.
have to get back to.....F9 hw...
yea. sad. i know.
but, no choice :P

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just came back from lunch with my Bao Mu (Mentor) from Jogoya :)
There's this promo going on now till 15th December (i think :P)
50% off for ladies from Monday to Thursday
(only morning till evening sessions. no Dinner)

It's been years since i last saw her and it's time we catch up with one another :P
Had a great time chit chatting about everything :P

here are some of the pictures of the food we ate :)

So glad they have my favorite jellyfish and scallop today :)

My All time favorite -- Salmon!

The BEST of the BEST!
(something like cheese baked rice on Lobster :))
many thanks to Eunice for the Jogoya VIP card ;)

And never forgetting my GREEN TEA Haagen Daaz Ice Creen <3

Didn't stuff myself.
in fact i ate quite litte :P
but the lobster made it all worth it :)

I still think that Jogoya is wayyyyy better than Tenji
(though many thinks otherwise)
but without the 50% promo, don't think Jogoya is worth it :P

Me and my Mentor :)

Address:T3, Relish Flr. Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603-2142-1268
Fax: +603-2148-8171

Monday, November 1, 2010

Discounts and Vouchers

I've discovered of these two sites for quite some time,
and thought that the offers were some what attractive.
hence, i think it's time i share the Joy with you all =D

they offer loads of super worth it vouchers up to 80% (the highest i've seen so far) discount.
they have vouchers for FOOD, clothes, FOOD, facial, haircuts, FOOD, futsol, paintball....etc...
yea...mostly food =D

what's nice about these vouchers are not only that they are cheap and affordable,
but, these vouchers brings you to various places to eat :D
(okay, maybe it's only me :P hehe.)

this is how these two websites works
for groupsmore,
normally they need to reach a minimum number of buyers for a certain deal before the deal can be "ON".
if the minimum number of buyers is not reached when the deal ends, money paid would be refunded and the deal is OFF.
but, normally, it'll be ON as those offers are really attractive! :D
after purchasing, you'll get the vouchers.

here are the difference between the two websites in their
-updating frequency
-how long the deal lasts
-when the vouchers will be made ready to be used

-update with new offers at least once a week.
-offers normally last for 7-8 days before it ends
-after purchasing the vouchers, you'll have to wait till the offer ends before the voucher would be made available for you to print and use.

-update with new offers once every 2 days
-offers normally last for 2-4 days
-after purchasing the vouchers, you normally get it right away. usable right away too :)
(not sure if it works for all offers, but for the previous two i bought from mydeal, it was so)

enjoy those vouchers!


i see that my last post was close to 1 month ago.
hey, not surprising :P
just lost my inspiration to blog.
but not to worry,
i should be back to normal (what's normal?) soon :P

it's officially the end of all normal classes for F8 and F9!
but. *sigh*. my misery don't just end here...
i still have more EDCs and EFCs...
7 more days to go.

after these 7 days of revision class.
my misery gets worst!
it's finals in two weeks time.

so much for a come-back post.
but i'm ending here :P

just kidding.
gonna have a second separate post.
just dont want to mix two different topics together :P
see you there!! :D