Saturday, January 29, 2011

CNY Hot Ticket by Hotlink

kinda big mouth and put myself into this. is my calculation as to why you should get the Hot Ticket :P

There's two different values of hot ticket this CNY
one's RM20 and the other is RM30

RM20 Hot ticket
500 SMS-es and 170mins Talk time
(Valid for 10 days)

if you're a normal Hotlink user,
the value of the hot ticket would be RM111.20
(500sms*RM0.10/sms + 170mins*RM0.36/min)

If you're a Hotlink Youth Club user,
assuming you make SMS-es and phone calls to
Maxis ONLY
The value of the hot ticket would be RM25.40
(500sms*RM0.01/sms + 170mins*RM0.12/min)
Other Operators ONLY
The value of the hot ticket would then be RM55.50
(500sms*Rm0.06/sms + 170mins*RM0.15/min)

Hence, the value would be between RM25.40 and RM55.50


RM30 Hot ticket
1000 SMS-es and 280mins Talk time
(Valid for 15 days)

if you're a normal Hotlink user,
the value of the hot ticket would be RM200.80
(1000sms*RM0.10/sms + 280mins*RM0.36/min)

If you're a Hotlink Youth Club user,
assuming you make SMS-es and phone calls to
Maxis ONLY
The value of the hot ticket would be RM43.60
(1000sms*RM0.01/sms + 280mins*RM0.12/min)
Other Operators ONLY
The value of the hot ticket would then be RM102.00
(1000sms*Rm0.06/sms + 280mins*RM0.15/min)

Hence, the value would be between RM43.60 and RM102.00

and all these not adding the RM20 bonus credit which comes with the RM20 HT
and RM30 with the RM30 HT
However, there're some T&C tied to the bonus credit
the important ones are
-only valid for Maxis-Maxis
-can only accumulate to a maximum of RM50
-Expires with the hot ticket

Such an attractive offer, Grab your chance and Grab one now :)
to find out more...
here's the link! :)

Happy CNY folks ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sign Language Class #1

Don't know what went into me,
but I just decided to join the craze with Eunice
to attend Sign Language Class at YMCA
(Basic Level)

the class commenced last saturday (15th Jan)
but I only started and registered yesterday (22nd Jan)

My teacher is Esther
she can't hear and speak.
and you must be wondering....
How on earth would she teach us?
haha..that was once in my mind too.

The first time when she started the lesson,
i practically stared blankly at her.
i seriously couldn't make heads or tail out of what she was trying to say.
i felt so... 'uneducated' all of a sudden when everyone else were nodding their head.

anyways for last sat and yesterday,
it was only VGA (Visual Gesture Communication)
means, not formal sign language but only the normal way anyone would express themselves without using their mouths.
Part of the activities were trying to act out certain movies (randomly picked) for your classmates to guess what the movie is.
the harder part was the expressions part..
where some expressions looked about the same..
for example.. Shocked and Surprised!
Ashamed and Shy

the class was quite fun when you see people trying to express themselves.
i was at first...shy and embarrassed to get to the front to act out,
but seeing everyone just going in front and just doing it.
ahh.. who cares lah :P

Trust me,
sign language class is a pretty tiring class,
it's a total opposite from a normal lecture in schools,
where you feel tired and bored and then super excited and energized when it ends
but in sign language class,
you really have to pay attention and trains your attention span attention span so happens to be short. haha..

either the next class or the class after the next,
we would start learning official sign language :)
will blog again then :P

Monday, January 17, 2011

My 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday :)
-i'm legal!!-

7th January
Went for lunch with Jie Xin and Ling En at A Wet Thai food restaurant,
they came from so far just to teman me eat lunch ^^
Then we went to Midvalley to walk walk..
and they brought me to L'Occitane to get my prezzie.. :)
wee!! for the first time ever in my 20 years on earth i owned a toner.
i went like 'how to use? when to use?'
sigh..i think i'm really aging and my skin is starting to give in ady.
no more JUST tap water.

then i had dinner with my family at Jogoya, Starhill Gallery..
a birthday dinner as usual during birthdays :)

8th January
Adele called me at 12am in the morning to ask if i wanted to surprise Joanne
as she will be landing at 6.30am.
I ter-slept, but made it 'on' time due to some 'delays' and changes
Bumped into joanne's cab when i was trying to move the car, but went unnoticed
left our stuffs on joanne's kitchen table but she didn't realize.
it's either we're (adele and me) good
or Joanne is just THE ultimate Blur! :P
and yeah. she was super surprised!
wee! success!!
Adele . Me . Joanne

okay, maybe i shouldnt call her blur.
coz i think i'm the one who should be THE MOST ultimate blur case woman on earth.
today was mostly about catching up on my precious sleep till evening where
i was suppose to go out with Eunice for a birthday dinner.
Thought it would be a simple one,
so i dressed quite casually.
Then i was brought to the Gardens, Midvalley.
hints were dropping everywhere,
but guess what, i NEVER suspected ANYTHING at all!
like seriously!
then she brought me to Hokkaido Sushi (Kita No Zen)
and there......
i was so SHOCKED to see EVERYONE THERE!!
from church to primary school to secondary school to college to uni
*so wanna run away and hide*

i don't do good expressing my feelings in my blog.
i tend to write weirdly :P
and i just don't tell good stories, ask Eunice, she knows how a 1 hour show told by me can just take 10 seconds XD hahaha!! here are some pictures :)

From Eunice - A list of my presents :P
Famous Amos, Kueh Ka Pek, Fried Sotong, Soap Dish, Devotional book! :)
Quilt cover and bed sheet!! =D
yeay! since the 'laundrians' stained my quilt cover and bed sheet, i haven't use them
coz i have this thing that cannot know.. :P haha..

hahaha! Good one! i was shocked when i saw the box.
haha..but yea..stop dreaming..
GOTCHA! :P hahaha..
filled with my favourite snacks! :)

Please ignore the picture in there, it's my picture when we were at Form 3,
can't believe i was that fat then :P haha.
and yeah. laughed a lot when i read the card :P

From my Khai Mui - Elysse :)
sweet huh :P

L'Occitane =P
i guess it's because i kept introducing people to use this brand since i tried their shampoo and hand cream :P hahaha!!

Juice Works gave me a free drink too!!

The people who came :)
(whoops, except for 1 who was late :P heheee...)

YEay! i'm now 21! mature mature :P haha
hopefully huh :P

and yeah, also in the list - my Cake!
LOVE this cake SO MUCH! :)
Green Tea Ice Cream Cake from Haagen Daaz!

Really Thank Everyone for coming....from SOOoo far...
all the way from Klang, Subang, Puchong all... touched wei :)
and special thanks to Alex for the photos and skipping wedding dinner :P
Last but not least!
i really have to thank Eunice so much!!
so busy with her med studies but yet planned such a great party for me :)
haha..and not forgetting my cousin. Thank you :P

Am REALLY thankful and Grateful for everything :)


Yumcha - the Four of Us :)

Lao Di Fang (Old Place)
(Old Town White Coffee - Old Klang Road)

the Four of Us
and our 'favorite' drink - Xi Mut Nai Cha ;)

Just a short post on a very nice catch-up and gossip session =)
gotta have more of these before it becomes the Three of Us again XD


*Will blog about my birthday soon!! Pictures are ready, just need some time! :P

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've no idea what went into me,
(guess i was too bored that's why)
"Jiak Bah Xiao Eng"
(Hokkien: Eat Full Full Nothing Better to Do :P)

i dragged my bro and my dad one EARLY morning
(6.30am 22nd Dec 2010)

and Eunice TOO!
(6.45am 29th Dec 2010)

to go for dim sum in IPOH!
dan lain-lain
(means: 'and others')

Cool! ;)
2 hours drive nia..
no big deal.
so went there twice in 1 week!

First stop when we reached Ipoh was always...
Dim Sum at Restaurant Foh San Sdn Bhd!
i went there twice and both times, their 'Har Gao' (Prawn Dumpling) was sold out!
(my favorite :/)

*I've got another post on this. Click HERE to see ;)

Then it was Sushi East to see how HUGE the salmon was
as describe by my cousin.. XD

okay, fine, so it was quite thick.
but not HUGE ya.. :P
tee hee..
and the price. not much different from the ones in KL.
(as in moderate Jap Restaurants ;))
If you're a fan of Cawan Mushi, they make Nice,
no weird taste and SMOOTH Cawan Mushis ;)
(Jennie will love this :P)

Add: 58-60, Jalan Medan Ipoh 4,
Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel: +605 5456238
Biz Hours: 12pm - 11pm

Right after that, Sing Berry, with SUPER bloated tummies was
This is not in the menu!
O.O!! Can you just see how RED it is! *SLURPS*
i REALLY have to introduce you guys to this little shop in Ipoh!
Fresh and Real strawberry juice!
(you know how i hate syrups!)
when i say FRESH i mean FRESH!!!
like straight from Cameron Highlands!!!
This is like THE Superb-dest Strawberry juice EVER! :)
no kidding!
you HAVE to try it!
This is the Strawberry Cocktail.
Fresh Strawberries with Honey and Suen Mui (Sour Plum)

The Name of the shop may not sound convincing, i know,
it was exactly what i felt when Daniel intro-ed me there :P
but just TRY IT! no Regrets!
(CAUTION: may be sour if you're not really using to sour-y stuffs :P)
but they do have other mixed fruit with strawberries.

Add: 11, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12,
Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 016 561 1221

then...we had Ipoh White Coffee at
Sun Yoon Loong
Famous for Ipoh White Coffee.
uh. duh. okay.
I think it's really good.
but there are also those who says otherwise.
well, everyone has their own preference.
but i think it's good ;)

Add: Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh Old Town

Then it was 'Tong Sui Gai'
This is the 'pirated' stall.
had to eat the pirated version since the original version was closed for...
some Chinese Tong Yuen Festival :P
so be careful which stall you order your dessert from ;)

Specials thanks to
Teh Chih Ping, Daniel Lee, Thomas Ting and Friend
for bring us around ;)
without them i don't think i'll get anywhere around Ipoh :D
really appreciate <3