Friday, July 30, 2010

Past Present and Future


Veg and Fish Farm Restaurant
last friday,
after class,
as i was about to drop suyi off at the usual spot,
i suddenly went like..
"hey, let's go eat Thai food!"
and since she had nothing to do, and neither did i,
so we just drove straight to
a.k.a "mini Genting"
to eat Thai food. =D
"Veg and Fish Farm" is such a weird name.
but the food was really good :)
one advice before you decide to eat there is,
you HAVE to go in a group.
no small portions there.
Since it was only me and her,
we only ordered 3 dishes.
and Suyi wanted to order more! o.O
she thinks my stomach is bottemless :P
we ordered,
this fried veg. (super nice :D)
clear tom yam soup.
and some Japanese Snail
(wasn't that fresh that day, it had some really weird taste. but suyi said it wasn't usual.)
i LOVED the Fried veg and tom yam soup a lot! :P
the taste was really good,
and it wasn't too spicy.
going back there again this wed after PT1 :)
hope the plan will be on :P


Two days ago
Me, Ling En, Jie Xin, Shoko and Wen Jia
was invited back to KC High
to become the Judge for our Junior Prefect's Marching Exam :)
An experience not to be missed :P
Reached there at 2.20pm,
and took me almost 40 mins to find parking.
and it wasn't even a legal one.
who cares.
was like super desperate after getting stuck in the car for one hour
under the scorching sun!!!

It's been 3 years since i last march.
suddenly forgot which movement should end on which leg and all.
we were only given the
"i-don't-know-what-you-call-it" sheet of paper where to write down your comments
and marks like a few minutes before the marching exam.
and you know how fantastic my chinese is.
and hence, took me some time to digest it :P

don't wanna blog bout the process,
and err...haha..
my embarrassing moments :P
like reading some chinese words wrongly XD
and errr....
as i was commenting,
suddenly one of my juniors shouted,
(in chinese)
"hey, this senior sold 67 pairs of socks in one week"
and all my juniors went...
i was like...okayyyy... XD
i don't remember that... :P
but we do record all our sales :P

it feels so weird..
as in,
you see your juniors becoming the head...
and those USED TO BE timid prefects,
ended up to be...
a commander.
i mean,
i really never imagined that :P
but there's really a huge improvement on their side...
feel so old now.



Seems okay,
but things are starting to pile up.
not really pile up kinda pile up,
it's like there's getting more and more to study.
i really need more
Determination, Consistency and Commitment.

Spending a lil too much.
this month's expenditure is really crazy.
i REALLY have to cut down on my...
BULK purchases :P
not earning fast enough to cover my expenses..



Next week,
it's F9 PT1.
nothing much to say about that,
it's just,
1. do or die
2. do or don't do also die.


in THREE weeks time,
on the 23rd of August,
(i don't think it has been pushed forward one week. have a look here ---
my Exam results for June 2010 is going to be release.
who want to help me check my results?!?!?
having class when the result is being released,
and expected to be pee-ing in my pants in class :P

that's all for this post.
ttfn :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MINI Potato Salad with Egg

3 Post in 3 days?!
so not me :P

but, revising F8 and F9 is such a pain!!

out of boredom and hunger,
my itchy fingers got me to grab some potatoes..
maybe it's not 'some'
just two :P

and decided to try making potato salad for myself :)

so i went online,
search for a few recipes on potato salad.
dice the potatoes...
boil the potatoes...and eggs...
add salt and pepper..
add diced hard boiled eggs..
add mayonnaise...
mix..chill it in the refrigerator.
add parsley....*SKIP*

pretty easy isn't it?!

so i did as they say.
just that with way way lesser ingredients.
and A BIT of my own idea what i'm suppose to do :P
and this was what it turned out to be...
(just kidding. it didn't taste that good :P hahahaha..)
it wasn't that bad either kay..
still waiting for it to cool :P

till then,
back to my notes :(


Monday, July 19, 2010

Nuffnang Ads

Today it's my first time....

trying Bak Kut Teh at Klang with
Jennie and Yan Ying.

eating Bak Kut Teh without
Gam Zham Gu
(Golden Needle Mushroom?? XD)

but the Bak Kut Teh was nonetheless tasty,
but without my favorite mushroom,
there's just something missing :P

On the way from Sunway College to Jennie's house,
Yan Ying told me about Nuffnang Ads,
and she earned RM0.50.
okay, it might not be a HUGE figure,
but, hey, this is interesting :)
(well, at least it caught my attention :P)
so i decided to try this out.
i mean, you don't really have to do anything.
just leave it there :)
(okay, i know many of you already know about this..but...
forgive me for not being exposed enough :P)

for those innocent bloggers,
like me, :P
go try it out :)
(Jennie, i think you should)
-or maybe you are already :P i'll go check now :P-

by the way.
bought a new shirt today =D
the shirt IS SO CUTE!! :)
to disappoint you,
it's DARK blue.
owh yea, dark color again.
me LOVE :P
will wear it on Thursday with my favorite jeans :)

okay, back to revision.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Untitled :P

Another week passed.
Here i am again, facing yet another 5 days of 'holiday' before my next lecture.
Honestly speaking,
i did not really do anything the past 5 days of 'holiday'.
i really hope i'll do better in getting myself to do something this time. :)

Had my First F8 lecture at Orange International C
ollege last Thursday night.
taught by Ms Sheila William.
I've always heard that she's a really good lecturer,
and every time i hear that,
i'll go ' she really thatt good??'
now i really understand why people say that.
since the day i chose to have my F8 classes at OIC,
i've never regretted or thought of going back to Sunway.
after being taught by Ms Sheila,
i think,
there's really nothing to regret about at all. =)
Her notes are really good. :)
(erm, no other lecturer's notes to compare with, so i'll just say it's good in my point of view, i like it :))

As for F9,
My lecturer is Ms Joyce,
another really good lecturer.
(was my lecturer for F6 too :))
a 'lil' stressful :P
tho i work better without stress,
but, i sometimes need adequate amount of stress to get me to start doing things :P
Her notes are really gooder too :P haha..
this time is much better,
coz it's comb binded this time :D

last sem,
it was in a huge file,
and i couldn't bear the 'sufferings' of see my notes being uneven.
(coz the holes are not the same every time, and some pages just jut out, can't stand it! :P)
and i couldn't bear the 'sufferings' of carrying a HUGE file + super hard to flip.
and when you have to squeeze in the Lecture Theatre,
it's worst.
so, i, went and comb bind my notes :)
tho' it was rather troublesome coz every time new notes came i had to go to the shop can get them to
re-bind my notes :P
but, to keep my notes in tip top condition, that's what i have to do :)
makes my life simpler too (accept for the part where i have to do re-binding :P)

This sem,
it's all improved :)
i did another thing differently :P
(i know i always do, but...)
that is,
i'm separating the answers and the tutorial questions.
i find it really hard to revise,
i'd like to have them side by side.
easier this way.
so this is what i did :)
nice cover? :D
so cute right?
thank you thank you :P

and since people like me procrastinate so much,
i wrote some quotes about procrastination on the cover to encourage me to get things done! :P

if you can't read from the picture,
here's what i typed.

'Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of disease
and it's toll on success and happiness is heavy' - Wayne Gretzky

'Procrastination makes easy things hard, and hard things harder' - Mason Cooley

'Procrastination is like a credit card:
It's a lot of fun until you get the bill' - Christopher Parker
(i Love this one :P)

'the best way to get something done is to BEGIN'

haha, yup, hope this wakes me up :P

Now that i have two really good lecturers for two of my papers.
if i don't do well this time,
i have no one to blame but myself :)

Since last semester,
the population in my pencil box have been growing ever so constantly,
that i have to get another pencil box to hold the other population.
now i have one pencil box for blue black and red pens, and ruler for pen.
and the other for the more colorful highlighter, pen and ruler for highlighters.
i separate the rulers so that my highlighter stays clean :)


i sent Onyx to the vet,
coz she had crystals in her urine.
(the ones that i can't sell, duh :P)
and guess what,
i set aside like RM200 max for the bill,
and it actually came out to be RM268!!!!!
Consultation RM20
Ultra Sound RM80
(To check thoroughly for stones)
Urine Analysis RM30
Annual Booster RM40
Deworm RM5
Medicine RM45
New food RM48
yea. and not mentioning another Urine Analysis RM30 next week,
and grooming RM80 next week or next next week.

owh great. i print money wan what.
what to do...? ><
i need to work!
how to cover her expenses if i don't.
if only i weren't banned from working 'you-know-where'.

pocket money is not even enough to sustain my monthly expenses.
and i'm paying for my own phone bills.
and many other things.
just let me work one more day oso okay mah... XD
we'll see :P

i'm happy as long as Onyx is healthy! :)
Money is not everything :)

that's all for now.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Super Random.

2nd day of class today.
it'll be another 5 more days till my next class :)
but i'll have to start reading from now.
cannot slack like last sem anymore.
no more excuses of not having enough of time,
coz i have SUPER lot of time to study.
now i have another problem.
how to study?
(don't know how to explain the question to my problem, but i guess those studying the same as me would be feeling the same? :P haha. or is it just me? :P)

had a farewell at KLCC's Chillis for the big Fanshu,
she has already left to Aussie and i hope she's doing fine there..

The four girl Fanshus :)

The Hot-lings!!!

take care girl!
we'll miss you!!!

i super randomly,
without any plans whatsoever,
went to Jogoya for dinner.
coz apparently, there was this buy 2 free 1
promo going on,
and Ling En and friends add up to 5 people,
so they had to find the 'free' 1 people to go makan,
so at first she asked if i wanted to go,
i told her if i hadn't had lunch, then i would have sure joined them.
but at the end,
they really couldn't find another person,
and did not want to waste that one free person's buffet meal,
and so i went for a 'free' meal :)
met new friends,
as the only person i knew was Ling En :P
Thanks to Eunice for the Jogoya VIP card we got to eat VIP food =D
only the lobster tasted nice :P
the rest were...
not very nice.

show you guys a picture of Onyx :P

i got to do this to her, coz it was quite late,
and she was feeling very sleepy,
and usually,
she'll just let me do anything to her and is just too lazy to move :P hahaha

ok. the end.
told you this is super random :P

Thankful for today's lunch and hand cream :) <3


Friday, July 2, 2010

Decision Made. No Regrets.

i've made my choice.
i'll be taking only 2 papers next sem.
F8 and F9.
I'd be taking F8 at Orange and F9 at Sunway.
i've told myself that whatever the outcome,
i shall have no regrets =)
(p.s. i made my own modified time table consisting of F8@orange and F9@sunway.
go have a look HERE. and print it if you want or need :). and err...NO guarantees ya :P heh.)

All the best to those who have made their decision too =)

"stay committed to your decisions,
but stay flexible in your approach."

(Yan Ying, you can do it :) trust yourself :) support support ^^)

been seeing my Uni besties almost EVERYDAY last sem,
can't imagine that starting next sem
i'll only be seeing them 3 days a week and sometimes only 2.
but i'm sure it'll be more than that,
right? :P

enough about uni,
gonna face it next week,
so, till then, don't wanna talk about uni anymore XP

i went CYCLING at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya yesterday!
i'm actually exercising after a 100 years =D
went with Jennie and friends...haha..
was really fun!
i can't believe that i actually wanted to cycle more when the rest went to rest :P
me Jennie and her 'friend' went an extra round,
and the uphill rides almost killed me.
(this was what i did ONCE i got home)
photos will be uploaded at Jennie's blog i guess :P

ok lah.
damn random, coz i'm damn bored. :P
nothing to do. at all.
i even iron-ed my own comforter sheet and pillow case.

(hope i'll blog more often like Jennie's and Yichun's - the super consistent bloggers XP)