Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Last day of 2010

I planned to stay at home and -
1. Clean my room
2. Blog about my trips to Ipoh

This was what i successfully accomplished -


great day!

yea. spent the whole day sleeping and sleeping..
it's not that i don't have anything to do, just that i chose to stay at home :P
don't worry, i'm not emo.
but i'm just anti social
and i actually love to be alone.
believe it or not :P
i may be like super noisy and all, but deep down inside me..
lonely girl that likes to be alone
(owh yes, i know you'll be like...."crap" lah.. =P)

It's now the last hour and the last day of 2010
just dropby to say..

GOODBYE dear 2010!!
thanks for the memories :)

will be back to blog bout my trips to Ipoh...

i'm really looking forward to next year <3

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

tripSSSS to 1 Utama

This is gonna sound a lil lifeless..

...i went to 1 Utama 4 DAYS in a row...
YES! 4 days straight!

can you imagine?
it's not so bad if you're staying near that area.
but for people staying in Cheras,
like ME,
to go there 4 days straight is quite...

But these trips were all worth while..
(pssstt.. especially day 3 :P)
find out why! =D

Day 1 (Thursday)
Cousin came down from Ipoh yesterday to participate in a competition to win an
iPod Touch :)
with me.
it was held in 1U for 5 days from Wednesday.
but to enter into the finals,
you have to first qualify for it.
Hence that was what we did :)
we participated in 2 out of 3 of the games, that is,
Milk the Cow
Fruit Ninja :)

Day 2 (Friday)
Today, was suppose to be a stay-at-home day.
but suddenly saw a message asking whether i wanna go to 1U with my ACCA mates.
since i had nothing to do..
i drag my cousin along for the gathering :P
walked whole day
basically, teman-ing Daniel to buy 5 teddies..
we explored the christmas decos
and had dinner at Sushi Zanmai!
YUM!! =D
just LOVE sushi!! weee!!!

Day 3 (Saturday)
'today', because my sec bro took one car to Melaka,
me and my cousin was left with no car.
hence, we had to tag along with my eldest brother to his doctor's appointment @ KL
and waited for him for about 1 hour and 15 mins!
before heading to 1U for the
Milk the Cow finals at 3.30pm
Jin from was the DJ for the event :)
i was so super nervous coz the stage is just so not my thing :P
and i was just praying and hoping that nobody i know will ever see me..

there were like 10 people for the quarter finals
(since there were ties, there were actually 12 people)
there's a podium on the stage with an iPod touch on it
and we had to play using the iPod touch on stage
then out of the 12 people, 5 would be chosen for the Semi Finals
(6 were actually chosen due to draws/ties)
and out of the 5, 2 would be chosen for the Finals
where by both will compete to get either the
1st Prize - iPod Touch + Audio Technica Headphones
or 2nd Prize - iPod Nano
Lucky me got through till the finals =D
Finals was played rather differently, in that, me and my opponent would take turns to play 3 rounds, and the highest total score for that 3 rounds would be the winner!
and yup,
i WON!!
wooohooo =D
sooo happy :P
me. the cow. my opponent :P
i mean, i seriously did not expect myself to win through this game.
like totally did not expect to.
but really thank God =D

Day 4 (Sunday)
i was kinda sick of 1U already :P
felt a little lifeless also. XD
and it was seriously a pain to find a decent parking spot. ==
today was the finals for the Fruit Ninja competition at 3.30pm
just like Milk the Cow they had Quarter finals, Semi finals and then the Finals
for this one, i was the ONLY girl there :P
i felt so kiasu being there coz i've already won yesterday :P
but, couldn't help it, coz i confirmed my attendance even before the competition started yest.
hence, not my fault ya :P
i got out at quarter finals but my cousin was in for Semi Finals but did not make it for the finals...sigh..nevermind, there's always a next :P

and yah.
my 4 days trip to 1U
and i can foresee myself NOT entering that mall within the next 6 months XP

ttfn :)
going to Ipoh later today for dim sum <3

Friday, December 17, 2010

Too Many

Since the day my exam ended till now.
I've been to soooo many places,
met up with sooo many people,
have soooo many things to blog about,
and i just don't know where to start :/

i'm not gonna write a SUPERBLY long post to update on everything i've done
just like i used to :P

i've been to quite a number of malls in KL and Selangor :)
Midvalley. Gardens.
Ikea. Ikano Power Centre. the Curve. eCurve.
ONE UTAMA (a billion times!! XD)
(WHY? - check out my next post! :P)
Times Square.
Sunway Pyramid.

i LOVE Christmas!
the Songgssss... so peaceful and joyous!
the atmosphere is just so happy!
just love the feeling of christmas =D

that's all for this post :P
i know it's quite a 'fu yan' post after 2-3 weeks of not blogging :P


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sun-U Canopy Walk

Something amazing just popped out from my Uni :P
so it didn't just popped out,
i mean, it's like behind the cafeteria that i never knew it existed until it was done :P

my University (Sunway)
built this 'bridge' --- the Canopy Walk
which link my Uni to...


and and..
the best part is.
it only takes you 5 mins to reach there!
now, my lunch options are soooo.....wide =D

The view,
not too bad,
there's one construction area which is the only bad part.
the rest,
not bad, coz you actually get to see and hear people screaming at sunway Lagoon :P
and ya.
see people enjoying while you are suffering (during exams)

here are some pictures.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Exam's Over

I've waited for this day like FOREVER!
and it's finally here!

However, kinda emo today..
but it's okay,
tomorrow will be a better day ;)

see ya on a better day :)

Best Quote of the day:
(by Timothy Low)
"Note to self: JIT does not apply to studies"