Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Felix's Meals

many of you already know through facebook
that Felix has cancer.
and what's sad is that it's not the first stage.
it's already spread from the spleen to the liver.

26th of September
is his birthday.
he's officially 11 years old now.
i guess,
this would be his last birthday.
(he's still alive. don't worry :P)

brought him to the vet on his birthday with my sec bro.
btw, the boy touching him is a Malay!
i think he's adopted or something.

at first,
the doctor said that he suspected that he has cancer.
when i heard the word 'cancer',
i was kinda stunned for a while.
then i pretended not to care and played with my phone
as i was already tearing ><

then finally during the ultra scan,
i controlled a bit,
so i stood up and look at the ultra scan image,
the doctor started to explain...
then when he said felix has only 1 month to live,
i couldn't control myself,
went out of the room
and started to cry.

i can't believe it!
it's my very first time crying in public!!!
oh my gosh!!
so embarrasing :P

was super emo-fied for two days
to the point that i cried everytime i saw or thought of felix.
it was only after this super emo-fying two days
that i actually chilled a bit,
and try to find a way to help felix to,
maybe not suffer so much.

i read books (okay, it's book) and online articles on how to take care of dogs with cancer.
first thing first,
change his diet!

for breakfast,
he'll be having FAT FAT pork, egg, tofu, and carrots.
(sorry, forgot to take photo of the end result :P)

and for dinner,
Sardines with tomato, garlic, ginger, carrots, and olive oil.

yummy :)
anything cooked by chef Joo,
eaten by her dogs,
are certified the yummiest and healthiest =D
ha ha ha :P

he's showing some signs of improvements now,
more active than usual.
anytime we see that he's suffering,
we'll let him go and put him to sleep.

still keeping my fingers cross and hoping for the best!
please PRAY FOR FELIX okay :)
thanks guys

(there's a change somewhere, coming soon :P will update when it's done :P)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Maxis vs Digi (iPhone 4)

Maxis vs Digi
Which to choose?

i know,
the price has been released like 2 days ago (close to).
and most techie blog would have done the comparison already.
read them before i blogged.
i have a slightly different idea.
so read on :P

The tables below are based on:

also note that:
1. Maxis has extra 133 mins of voice calls
2. Maxis has no free sms to other operators
hence the less and the add :)
3. Digi is only RM58/mth if you do auto billing, otherwise it's RM63/mth

Conclusion (based on stats):
Maxis won by RM115 for 12 months
Digi won by RM159 for 24 months

My Analysis:
I go for Maxis because:
1. Maxis has a wider 3G coverage, better signal and all
2. I'm not forced to get tied for 2 years!

Which to choose depends a lot on what your usage is and where you stay.
Digi has limited 3G coverage,
if you go to an ulu-er (rural) area,
no 3G coverage.
hence slow internet.

Digi ties you for 2 years!
after 1 year, another iPhone launch, chances are there's going to be even better rates,
but you'll be stucked with your old plan.

Maxis 200 sms and 20 mms is only Maxis to Maxis
if you send to other operators you'll be charged at RM0.10/sms
on top of RM100!!
whereas Digi is to all operators.

Maxis charges you RM0.05 per 10kb data
if you exceed your 1gb data.
whereas Digi do not charge you extra after you've exceeded the limit!
no shocking bills.
(however, with 1gb data, you can it's enough for users at this range.
as in, if you are the kind of person who uses A LOT of data,
you've got to be at the business people range at higher value plans.
well, normally)

Don't just look at the price,
think about your usage and needs.

for me.
i chose Maxis.
90% of the friends i sms are Maxis users.
i'm going for the 12mths plan which is cheaper.
i don't see myself using more than 1gb data.

choose wisely :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

iPhone 4

the long awaited iPhone 4 finally has a launch date! :)
(well, at least it's 'long awaited' for me :P)

as for now,
there's still no news on the rates and plans for Digi,

for Maxis.
Here are the rates and plans...etc.

bigger view HERE.

you can purchase on the 26th of September at Maxis centers at
KLCC, the Gardens, Sunway Pyramid, Pavillion, TTDI

and nationwide on 27th of September :))

From Prepaid to Postpaid
My analyst of changing from your
owh-soooo-cheap hotlink youth club to iValue plan 1
(based on Maxis's iValue 1 rates)

so just like me, some of you would be in a dilemma whether or not to switch from hotlink youth plan to iValue 1 plan.

1. buying a 32gb iPhone 4
2. signing up for iValue 1 plan for 12 months

With Hotlink Youth Club plan...
assuming that you spend RM30 a month.
and the price of the phone w/o a plan is RM2690 for 32gb

so in a year (12 months)
you would have spent
RM360+RM2690 = RM3050

*Do bear in mind that there's no free data
what on earth would you want to buy a smart phone when you don't plan to use 3G.
just buy an iPod touch then.
(as youth plan is not equals to normal hotlink prepaid plans)

with iValue 1 plan,
assuming you don't spend above your limit.
(if you only spend RM30 with your hotlink youth club,
you are not expected to exceed even the FREE voice calls of 333mins.
as 333mins*0.12/min (assuming ONLY maxis to maxis) = RM39.96)
and the price of the 32gb phone with this plan is RM1990

so in a year (12 months)
you would have spent
RM1200+RM1990 = RM3190

Comparing both
the hotlink youth plan is only cheaper by
(RM3190 - RM3050)

You may think that,
HEY! RM140!
i can last for another 5 more months with my hotlink youth club prepaid!!

but think of it,
you DO NOT have the monthly FREE
1gb data

the 1gb data for one year is gonna worth more than the RM140 :)

MY conclusion
it's actually okay to switch to iValue 1 plan from hotlink youth club prepaid.

okay, so Maxis is NOT paying me to promote whatever :P
just a way to console myself that's worth the switch :P
but make sense right?
call me a good promoter :)

not sure about Digi's rate plan,
but will do some recalculation after they release the thingy :P

really hope to get hold of it ASAP!
i've been waiting really really long for the launch in M'sia.
i know many are too :P
so hope i'm one of the lucky ones :P


Sunday, September 19, 2010



things don't go my way,

it's just not my day,

i feel so "swey".
(just so it rhymes. "swey" means unlucky)

Life Goes On...

just forgotten when was the last time i was ever optimistic about something.
when was the last time i was happy-go-lucky.

i used to be the optimistic happy-go-lucky girl.
but now, i'm just so pessimistic.

what's wrong with me?

it's not like it's the end of the world.
Life STILL goes on.

owh well.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sitiawan Cheong Cia Gong Pian

Sitiawan Cheong Cia Gong Pian

sold here is sitiawan's most famous biscuit.
Gong Piah

It's best to have it on the spot
to taste the crunchiness.
tried reheating it (as i brought it back to KL),
and it became super hard.
so, it's best to have it there and then :)

It's the first time i'm saying this for those who knows me well :P
i HATE onions to the roots.
i would dig them out one by one if any ever appeared in any of my food.
i actually ate 3 pieces of that onion filled biscuit!
it's really really good.
and the aroma of the onion in my car was...
super! :P

RM 0.70/piece

Add: 12, Jalan Tok Perdana,
32000 Sitiawan,
Perak, Malaysia.

Right behind Courts. The yellow building.


Restaurant Mee Ting Sitiawan

Restaurant Mee Ting
(mee ting = 美景)

After breakfast,
was checkout.
next was lunch at this restaurant.
as restaurant makanan laut villa was closed ><

This restaurant is located at Kampung Cina, Sitiawan.

The food.

Was sour-y and a lil' spicy. thumbs up for this :)

Another Thumbs up dish :)
the curry was thick,
and it's spicy if you have too much :P

Class Trip - Day 2

Day 2

Woke up early for the buffet breakfast.
what's good at the buffet breakfast was the
waffles and the FRESHLY juiced watermelon,
juiced on the spot.
i drank about 10 glasses of watermelon juice :P
hence, got the name "watermelon girl" by the juicer XP

after that we went to the beach for some photo shooting =)
for some new facebook profile picture!
woohoo! :P
The beach was quite dirty,
had jellyfish.
so didn't even dared hop in.
but enjoyed all the photo shootings :P
From Left: Pei Nee, Yichun, Me, Jennie, Yan Ying, Jonathan

From Left: Pei nee, Yan Ying, Me :)

then it was pool time with the monkey game.
yea, you guessed it,
i'm normally the monkey.

reason: short and can't swim fast.

and after it was camwhoring again :P
ignore my expression ><

Look out for Jennie and Aaron =="
they were in this pose for most of the pictures XD

then it was archery.
both my students, daryl and thomas, shot a bullseye.
daryl got it the 2nd arrow =D

followed by volleyball.
then since we can't play a real game,
we switched to captain ball.
super tiring :P
but super fun.

and it was night time just like that.
so fast!
had dinner and played games in Thomas's room.
1. Mafia game.
SO FUN!!! i was the CIVILIAN like what,
7 times in a row!
i don't know whether i'm lucky or what :P
i mean like,
what are the chances la right?!?!?
awesome... :P

2. Watermelon *slurp*
tired me was so blur.
was the first to use up my 5 chances
and had to do the chicken dance =="
want to watch?!
go ahead!
it's at my facebook wall.
there goes my image :P

and that's about it for day 2 :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Restaurant Makanan Laut Villa - Sitiawan

Restaurant Makanan Laut Villa

Straight after our cendol
we headed off to this restaurant.
to have our lunch.
yea. it seems like we've just had our breakfast.
and it's time for lunch! :P

Some people call this Oh Chien.
However, in English it's called Oyster Omelette.
this is super yummy :)
MUST try!

'Ang Jiu' means Red Wine
Mee Sua is the kind of noodle you see in the picture.
apparently, they said i got 'high' after eating one bowl of this.

From left: Yan Ying and Jonathan, Aaron and Jennie, Me, Yichun, Pei Nee, Jun Yong.

the coconut wasn't nice.
perhaps i'm already used to drink my fragrant thai coconut so much so that the coconut here tasted like, water.
didn't like it.

right after lunch,
we headed off to Swiss Garden Hotel, Damai Laut :)

Once we reached the hotel,
checked in.
the first thing we did was to change and jump into the pool
as the weather was....
really really hot!

after that was the beach, bath, eat, lantern, Su Ling's Birthday, play and


and that was pretty much day 1 :P
photos are with the rest of them..
so, go to facebook! :)