Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What next?

After getting my results and knowing that i've passed them.
i can now get my iPhone 4 in peace.
and i have an excuse to buy it :P
"to reward myself" =)

(actually, the results didn't affect any thing, i would have gotten the iPhone 4 no matter what the results turned out to be :P)
and i managed to get my dad into subsidizing 1/3 of the phone :P
(i know my brother is going to give me that "ask-pa-for-money-again" + "last-time-i-earn-to-buy-my-own-stuffs" stare :P)
at least i'm paying 2/3 of it and the phone bills to come...

yes, i do have the budget for my iPhone 4..
but....talking about the phone bill...

i need to work.
more precisely.
i need $$.
who don't?, Sports toto or 4D?

Anyways, before getting back to studying,
i just noticed that i...
have more compassion for dogs than for human.
i see a lame or skinny stray dog and my heart breaks.
i see a lame or skinny man on the street, i have NO feelings what so ever,
i see an old man begging for money,
i seriously don't feel compassionate for him.
i would rather donate to help animals than some human organization.
i just don't feel sad for humans..
don't know why.

back to my books.
otherwise i'm gonna have another stressful class on thursday :(


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


results out ady.
can you imagine,
my class started at 11.45am,
and results will be released at 12pm!
the nervousness :P

i was supposed to check my results after class when i get back home.
(so, just in case i fail, i get to stay calm at home....)
all i can say is that,
nervousness is really contagious :P
me and Jennie was like staring at the digital clock on the laptop screen which is projected onto the 'wall'...
once the it reached 12pm.
the 3 guys behind went started checking and checking..
the page on my mom's iPod was still loading.
and trust me,
it took forever! :P
then suddenly,
it loaded,
but i couldn't see my results.
(coz, apparently there's another page specially prepared to check.)
but this was what i saw which made me
smile in relieve :)

tho i can't find my results.
but at least i know i've passed them all.

then later..
Jennie's mom sms-ed and told her to check her inbox.
then i log-ed in to my email
and checked my mail..

my marks were really weird,
coz i did wayyyyy better than expected for a paper that i didn't put much effort in.
(well at least not as much as the other paper)
and i did somewhat worse than expected for the paper i actually put effort in.
conclusion: i expect it to be low, but it was high
i expect it to be high, but it was low.

oh well.
the unpredictability.

really have to Thank God =)
Thank God for giving me the strength and guiding me through :)
and blessing me with great lecturers and friends..


Sunday, August 22, 2010



the sun'll come out
bet your bottom dollar
there'll be sun

Just Thinkin' about
clears away the cobwebs
and sorrow
'til there's none

When i'm stuck with a day
that's gray,
and lonely,
I just stick out my chin,
and grin,
and say,

The sun will come out
So ya gotta hang on
Come what may
i love ya TOMORROW!
you're always
a day

results will be out..
starting to feel nervous ady.
got butterflies in my stomach XD
but scared oso no use lah.
results are already there.
only that i can see it tomorrow.
i hope i can accept whatever the fact
that is laid in front of me.

owh well.
(whatever will be will be)

p.s go You tube the song :) it's pretty nice =D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

8 More Days.

8 more days till...
23rd August 2010.

So what's so 'special' bout this day??

nothing much.
it's just a day where my.....

ACCA RESULTS will be released!!!!!!

not sure whether it'll be released at..
11am. 1pm. or 2pm.

i really really hope to see..
*keeping my fingers crossed*

don't feel confident this time :(
(for 2 papers ><)

the last time i was confident about 1 paper.
but i got through anyways :)
i hope hope hope.
wish wish wish.
pray pray pray.
that i'll 'go through anyways' again this time! :))


ttfn :)
still loving the song 'kissing you'

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fish and Veg Farm Restaurant

The Long awaited Pictures are here! :)

Do not read this post with an empty stomach!
plus pretty girls :D

Fish and Veg Farm Restaurant
aka. THAI food restaurant!

After PT1,
we contemplated a while on where to go,
but we still ended up deciding to eat Thai food
we definitely made the right choice!
thanks to Suyi for recommending us..
to REACH there,
took us approximately 2 hours.
coming from Sunway.
PLUS the ever so loyal JAM.
my legs must be made of metal :P

this is my second time going there,
but i think this was a better experience,

The dishes we ordered were....

Lime Leaf Fried Chicken
the chicken was really tender..
but i think a lil more taste would make it better.
perhaps i have an extreme tongue :P

This one was really good.
super crunchy, but in my opinion, it'd be best with a lil salt =D
called the "Zhar Yuen Choy" in cantonese
Goreng Bayam in Malay and,
Fried...SOME KIND of veg in eng XD hahaha.

the Meat was super fresh!
and the taste was really good.
suppose to be a lil sour sweet and spicy.
(not very spicy tho)
but it tasted really good :)
it's one of their specialty too! :)
this fish is called,
"tai sek zheng kam fong" in Cantonese
Talapia Steam Limau Thai Style in English :)

oooo..Yummy Mango Sticky rice..
love those yellow crunchy bits on top of the sticky rice :D

this is the Belacan Kang Kung
"ma lai feng guang" in chinese.
not bad..just like any other dish you can get in any other restaurant :)
Kang Kung is one of my fav veg tho :)

not to miss out the TOM YAM GUNG
btw, GUNG stands for Prawn :)
was kinda spicy,
but i think i prefer the white tom yam more..
and..the Prawn was actually really fresh.
and well cooked.
it had some "springy-ness"
(well, if i'm not the one peeling it :P)

The Guys.
Sorry, both not available :P

the ACCA group :)
Thomas, Alice, Suyi, Me, Yan Ying and Jennie!

The Girls ... but with Alice missing.

we swept everything CLEAN!!!

the bill.
7 people for RM163.50!
not bad actually.
could be much cheaper if we hadn't ordered the Thai Coconut.
cost RM5 each.
not really worth it.
coz you'll be ordering chinese tea anyways.
and the coconuts tho tasted nice wasn't cold enough :P

so, RM163.5 less RM35.
that'd be 128.5 for 7 people :)
less than RM20 per person without the coconut :)

Really gooooddd!!
finger lickin' good :D
(p/s this reminds me of KFC, which reminds me of the super horrible hot and spicy nugget. it was hot. but NOT spicy neither was it considered as a nugget! please dun order unless you are prepared to throw money into the sea :P)

going to eat there again with my family this saturday!
wooohooo!! :D

so hungry !! ><


My Chicken

gonna blog about the my
mysterious chicken that flew from no where to my house.
that happened,
2 years ago.
and she's been laying eggs for 1 year already.

she's a super 'intelligent' chicken.
she actually knows how to ask for food when she's hungry!!
she'll literally stuck her head through the window into the kitchen and start
talking chicken in order to get my mom's attention,
to feed her!!

or if the window is closed,
she'll just keep peeking in.

and and,
since we had no experience in rearing chickens,
we didn't prepare a nest for her to lay her eggs,
hence she went EVERYWHERE to lay her eggs.
and she'll NEVER fail to change her egg laying spot whenever we found and take her eggs.
but recently,
my mom made a 'nest' out of Onyx's kennel,
and she kept going there to lay her egg,
and this time,
even if we took it,
she would still go back there to lay her egg :)

this is her in her 'nest'
(hint: (more like answer :P) it's right under her chest!!)
okay, if you can't see it,
you are certified blind. =="
hahaa. just kidding :P

She lays an egg a day.
but it's more accurate to say 6 eggs a week :)
sometimes, if i'm lucky,
if the chicken actually lay her egg and just walk off,
allowing my mom to get a freshly laid egg,
i would have a chance to eat the egg raw.

it's really yummy!
trust me.
it ain't like those city chicken's eggs you buy from the market..
and you don't have to put kicap (soy sauce) or pepper.
coz it doesn't have the 'funny' taste. :P

Have a look at her eggs!!!
the really brown one is what i called as City Chicken's egg
as compared to my Kampung Chicken's egg.
the value of the egg is,
the smaller,
the more expensive.
just like mini skirts right?! XD hahaha...

so if anyone is interested to just lend your male chicken for a while.
we would be eternally grateful! :P

ttfn :P

Fulfilling Day ;)

I just Love Random plans :)
because random plans are normally successful :P
at least today. :P

Let me let you know what made my day fulfilling :)
1. Cycling.
Yup!! my second time cycling!
can YOU believe it!?
i mean, i actually went back again! :P
amazing :P

this time i went with
my cousin (Chih Ping, kinda forced :P), Jennie, Yan Ying, Thomas and Alice.

i woke up at 7am, Ahoy before i leave for a long day out.
(don't wanna waste energy :P as in in PA)
mind my childishness,
and please don't ask why did i get myself hooked on these games.
i guess i'll quit really soon,
coz i know me,
once i get hooked.

despite getting up so early,
still reached Sunway Uni half an hour late coz of the SUPERBLY bad traffic
on Federal Highway
(i mean, just to escape a 300m road to NPE takes 30mins! o.O)
after fetching Yan Ying and Thomas from Sun U,
i fetched Jennie and Alice from Jennie's House.
then off we go to
Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam
(weee!! i'm sure i got the name right this time :P)

went there,
and we started choosing our bikes..
felt conned!
like seriously!
because there were like 3 rows of bike.
the first row,
they said was "lama"
second row,
they said was "baru"
the third row,
was superbly new,
so i asked if we could rent them at the "baru" (new) rates.
which were RM2 more than the "lama" bikes.
then they replied,
oh, itu (that one),
terlalu mahal lah.. (too expensive)

Excuse me sir, if cannot rent,
why put it out lah,
go frame it please. =="

why i felt conned was because the first time round when i went there,
we were charged RM3 (rate for "lama" bikes) .
and this time, we took the SAME bikes,
and it cost RM5 this time,
coz according to them.
it's BARU... =="

Oh well,
we still rented it in the end.
The ride was
FREAKING tiring! :P
we took quite a lot of stops during the up Up UP hill rides..XD
enjoy the pics ;)
Me and Yan Ying

Our Bikes

Us plus camera girl Jennie.

Tired ><>
The Girlsss! :)
The Girls with TOWELS.. :P


2. Pavilion
after the ride,
send them back home,
and went straight home,
took a bath,
and went off with my whole family to Pavilion.
i kept telling them that the Durian Durian store there is
Super Super Very Very yummy!!
(have been bugging them for a month already. so. FINALLY! :P)

First, we had our lunch at Madam Kwan,
and i kept telling them to leave some space for Durian Durian later :P
owh, we actually met the REAL Madam Kwan at Pavilion,
she brought us to our table.
though she sometimes smile,
but she just looks sad.
don't know why :P
always felt that the price at Madam Kwan was over priced.
coz i seriously don't see anything special.

after that,
i brought them out to the food court
(that's where Durian Durian is)
sat them at a table nearby,
and went order the Durian Pancake for them :)
the price is now RM3/piece,
and if you buy 5 pieces, you'll get one piece for free.
(curi-ed this pic from :P coz i was so busy serving them i didn't have time to take a descent picture of the durian pancake.)

why i had to bring them all to pavilion to eat
and not just "ta pao" for them is because,
the pancake is only good when it's eaten like RIGHT after they serve it.
coz otherwise it'd be too soft and mushy.
and it just don't taste nice at all.
so i made them eat the pancake first before proceeding to the Durian ice cream :)

then suddenly,
i felt.
something's wrong...
why none of them have ANY reaction?!?!!
like seriously...
they were eating the durian pancake and durian ice cream like some other food.

i was expecting them to say like,
"wow....really nice!!! i think we should come back for more next time"
or something close to that, at least.
but no....
guess what they say...

"aiyooooo... you aahhh...
exaggeration of the highest order..
keep bugging us to come as if it was like
SUPER SUPER special and nice."
and they were actually imagining that the Durian Ice Cream MUST be really special for me to keep praising and bugging them to come to try :P

sigh. mission failed =="
my family is just weird.
i mean,
the first time i had it,
i was!!
the ice cream tasted really good.
i think i learnt my lesson that,
you shouldn't eat the pancake first.
coz the pancake's durian has a stronger taste than the ice cream's
so it would tend to cover the taste of the ice cream.
making the taste of Durian less strong.


3. F8 Class at McOrange.
after that, went home to nap for like 30mins,
and off i have to go to McOrange for my night class.

i was really really tired,
but somehow,
Sheila really know how to incorporate some jokes into her teachings :P
so we don't actually feel bored :)
i mean,
she don't waste time telling jokes,
but she incorporates them into her explanations :)

i know,
only 3 main things that happen today,
and that's enough to take one whole day of mine.

i know i still have the Thai food post to post.
but, the pics are still with Jennie,
so, will blog bout it in the next post :)