Thursday, October 7, 2010

Felix, Rest in Peace

7th October 2010
7.40-ish pm

My dear Golden Retriever, Felix, was euthanized.
Euthanasia - Gentle death, Painful decision
for those that don't know,
euthanasia is an overdose of barbiturate that stops the heart.
It was just a matter of seconds after the jap that felix finally took his last breath.

Really thankful to
Eunice, Victor, Chi Wei, Alvin, Chin Yee, Wypun, Wei-Li, Wei-I, and Jason
for coming.
Felix really do have a lot of friends.
he's so hang fuk :)

Felix's last meal.
got it from Chillis.
New York Strip.
am glad he loved it :)
(p.s: he ate the whole steak)

I'm gonna miss your smile, Felix.
We LOVE you Felix :)
26th September 1999 - 7th October 2010

Special thanks to
Dr. Teoh
He's really a patient, gentle and kind veterinarian.
His Clinic is opposite Steven's Corner, Pandan Indah.
Teoh Animal Clinic
No. 4-G, jalan perubatan 4, pandan indah
Tel/Fax : 03-42920610