Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lost and Directionless

This week would be my very last week of my 2 weeks plus holiday.
ask me what have i been doing,
honestly, nothing.

what i've done this whole holiday was
mainly eating, sleeping, day dreaming, web surfing, a little stalking, and 'working'.

Now that it's the last week,
i'm finally thrown with the decision to either take a combination of
F7 F8 or F8 F9 or F7 F9
honestly speaking,
anyone of them is fine with me,
coz i don't even know why am i studying this course in the first place.
i've came to a point where i don't know what i want anymore.
i'm just like a blind-folded person,
walking wherever i'm asked to or lead to or whatever,
and trust me,
walking lost and directionless when you're blind-folded is
double the stress/pain (or whatever you call it) when you walk with your eyes open.

why am i saying this?
because if you were to ask me,
or... if i were to be given a choice
of i want to study if i can quit ACCA,
my answer to you,
i Don't Know!

whatever lah..
it'll never be a choice anyways..
que sera sera.
(means 'whatever will be will be' in spanish)

today should be a slightly happier day,
coz i'd be meeting up with my high school friends,
after not meeting up for a very very very long time.
it's also my dear Onyx's 2nd Birthday! =D
Happy Birthday my dear <3
Love her so very much!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exam's Over.

Not as happy and as excited as i expected myself to be.
anyhow, i found a new way of saving time :D
you may think i'm crazy XP

See, when i was studying,
i noticed that i actually visit the toilet very often,
for various reasons -
bathing, big and small biz, brushing my teeth.
during this time,
all you do is day dream and stare at the wall, am i right?
hah! now,
let me show you what i did :D

TADA! haha.
smart me.

i use this to help me remember little little important things.
and it's almost effortless.
coz if you keep facing the same thing again and again and again..
it will eventually get into your head :D

after that.....
the cleaning part..
not so smart *blek*

probably should just use mahjong paper the next time :)


since i haven't been doing anything after exams other than playing games.
let me intro you to a very fun game that you might wanna try.
from PopCap,
can also be bought from BigFish :)

that is,
don't think it's childish.
it's actually super nice to play and addictive :P
try it out! try it out!
you won't regret. promise :P


My next aim..
is to get the

iPhone 4

isn't this just a beauty? :)) <3

once i aim for something,
i normally get it :)
it's hard to convince me into something else unless you really really really make sense
just like my Macbook.
i won't force my dad to get it for me,
i'll just work for it :D
since it's a want more than a need.
(how i wished i have this 'aim' for my exams too :P)

guess i'll be getting the 32Gb Black one.
pictures of the white one is not very convincing.
the 3GS white was very nice.
but the iPhone 4 white don't look as nice.
well, it really depends tho.
80% getting the black one^^

owh well.
more or less 3 more months to go.
i can't wait till it gets into my hands.
the best part is,
both my brothers are getting one each. cool!


haha. super random post alright.
i'll just dilly dally for a well more before i doze :P
be back to update more :)
i hope :P