Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sign Language Class #1

Don't know what went into me,
but I just decided to join the craze with Eunice
to attend Sign Language Class at YMCA
(Basic Level)

the class commenced last saturday (15th Jan)
but I only started and registered yesterday (22nd Jan)

My teacher is Esther
she can't hear and speak.
and you must be wondering....
How on earth would she teach us?
haha..that was once in my mind too.

The first time when she started the lesson,
i practically stared blankly at her.
i seriously couldn't make heads or tail out of what she was trying to say.
i felt so... 'uneducated' all of a sudden when everyone else were nodding their head.

anyways for last sat and yesterday,
it was only VGA (Visual Gesture Communication)
means, not formal sign language but only the normal way anyone would express themselves without using their mouths.
Part of the activities were trying to act out certain movies (randomly picked) for your classmates to guess what the movie is.
the harder part was the expressions part..
where some expressions looked about the same..
for example.. Shocked and Surprised!
Ashamed and Shy

the class was quite fun when you see people trying to express themselves.
i was at first...shy and embarrassed to get to the front to act out,
but seeing everyone just going in front and just doing it.
ahh.. who cares lah :P

Trust me,
sign language class is a pretty tiring class,
it's a total opposite from a normal lecture in schools,
where you feel tired and bored and then super excited and energized when it ends
but in sign language class,
you really have to pay attention and trains your attention span attention span so happens to be short. haha..

either the next class or the class after the next,
we would start learning official sign language :)
will blog again then :P


Adele said...

Jooling? SHY? AHEM!

Joo Ling said...

Yes. i hate doing 'stuffs' in public..
low key kinda person XD