Monday, January 17, 2011

My 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday :)
-i'm legal!!-

7th January
Went for lunch with Jie Xin and Ling En at A Wet Thai food restaurant,
they came from so far just to teman me eat lunch ^^
Then we went to Midvalley to walk walk..
and they brought me to L'Occitane to get my prezzie.. :)
wee!! for the first time ever in my 20 years on earth i owned a toner.
i went like 'how to use? when to use?'
sigh..i think i'm really aging and my skin is starting to give in ady.
no more JUST tap water.

then i had dinner with my family at Jogoya, Starhill Gallery..
a birthday dinner as usual during birthdays :)

8th January
Adele called me at 12am in the morning to ask if i wanted to surprise Joanne
as she will be landing at 6.30am.
I ter-slept, but made it 'on' time due to some 'delays' and changes
Bumped into joanne's cab when i was trying to move the car, but went unnoticed
left our stuffs on joanne's kitchen table but she didn't realize.
it's either we're (adele and me) good
or Joanne is just THE ultimate Blur! :P
and yeah. she was super surprised!
wee! success!!
Adele . Me . Joanne

okay, maybe i shouldnt call her blur.
coz i think i'm the one who should be THE MOST ultimate blur case woman on earth.
today was mostly about catching up on my precious sleep till evening where
i was suppose to go out with Eunice for a birthday dinner.
Thought it would be a simple one,
so i dressed quite casually.
Then i was brought to the Gardens, Midvalley.
hints were dropping everywhere,
but guess what, i NEVER suspected ANYTHING at all!
like seriously!
then she brought me to Hokkaido Sushi (Kita No Zen)
and there......
i was so SHOCKED to see EVERYONE THERE!!
from church to primary school to secondary school to college to uni
*so wanna run away and hide*

i don't do good expressing my feelings in my blog.
i tend to write weirdly :P
and i just don't tell good stories, ask Eunice, she knows how a 1 hour show told by me can just take 10 seconds XD hahaha!! here are some pictures :)

From Eunice - A list of my presents :P
Famous Amos, Kueh Ka Pek, Fried Sotong, Soap Dish, Devotional book! :)
Quilt cover and bed sheet!! =D
yeay! since the 'laundrians' stained my quilt cover and bed sheet, i haven't use them
coz i have this thing that cannot know.. :P haha..

hahaha! Good one! i was shocked when i saw the box.
haha..but yea..stop dreaming..
GOTCHA! :P hahaha..
filled with my favourite snacks! :)

Please ignore the picture in there, it's my picture when we were at Form 3,
can't believe i was that fat then :P haha.
and yeah. laughed a lot when i read the card :P

From my Khai Mui - Elysse :)
sweet huh :P

L'Occitane =P
i guess it's because i kept introducing people to use this brand since i tried their shampoo and hand cream :P hahaha!!

Juice Works gave me a free drink too!!

The people who came :)
(whoops, except for 1 who was late :P heheee...)

YEay! i'm now 21! mature mature :P haha
hopefully huh :P

and yeah, also in the list - my Cake!
LOVE this cake SO MUCH! :)
Green Tea Ice Cream Cake from Haagen Daaz!

Really Thank Everyone for coming....from SOOoo far...
all the way from Klang, Subang, Puchong all... touched wei :)
and special thanks to Alex for the photos and skipping wedding dinner :P
Last but not least!
i really have to thank Eunice so much!!
so busy with her med studies but yet planned such a great party for me :)
haha..and not forgetting my cousin. Thank you :P

Am REALLY thankful and Grateful for everything :)


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