Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sign Language Class #2 #3

Sign Language Class #2
There are two sessions per day (1 1/2 hours per session)
the first session was some briefing on the deaf community, events, Quiz and...our Group Presentation.
oH my...did I tell you how much I hate presentations. =(
never expected presentations when i signed up for this.
And that's the only reason why I love ACCA...NO assignments and NO presentations. heh.
owh well, just live with it huh...
The second session was rather fun tho as we started to learn the ULTIMATE basics..
That sign Alphabets, Numbers, Time, Day, and Greetings.
And that was the time where i felt that my fingers just can't coordinate fast enough :P
Sign Language Class #3
Today, Esther was busy, so another teacher, Susie, came to teach us.
We learnt quite a lot today, and i thought it would be hard to remember everything.
Actually not quite, coz just as long as you can understand why those signs are sign as they are,
then it's actually not that bad trying to memorise what you've learnt.
Food, Fruits, Animals, Occupations, Weather, Family Members, Objects, and Colours were what we learnt today..
The class can be quite entertaining when it come to signing animals... :P ha ha...
Sign Language Class is really fun..
the only down side is the presentation.. :/
but i guess, Sign language is not all about using your hands to sign,
it's a lot about facial you can't use the tone of your voice to communicate.
Hence, that's what the group presentation is all about,
to test and train your expressions..
Well, and that's the end of SLC #3.

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