Sunday, February 13, 2011

the Deaf CNY Party

Today (12 Feb 11)
One of our assignment for Sign Language Class is to attend a Deaf event and learn 10 new signs.
Hence, we decided to join the Deaf CNY Party (3pm - 5pm)
We came 1 hour earlier to discuss about the group presentation.

Then at 3pm, we attended the party.
The party started off with Drum performance by the Deaf Beat Club.
Amazing huh! The Deaf can actually play drums! And it was pretty Synchronised!
Later on was Lion Dance followed by Miming by 2 Japanese Mimers!
And the whole party actually ended at 6pm.

Made a few deaf friends at the party,
and learnt quite a lot of new signs.
I'm just so amazed how fast these people can actually move their fingers wei!!!
They did it so fast, we couldn't even register, and had to ask them to slow down :P
And they are all just so friendly :)
Just in case you guys didn't know, Sign Language is not international,
different countries have different ways of signing..
however, it's not really a barrier for these people as expressions are used very often :)

I really think knowing how to sign is super cool! :)
i mean, let's say you want to communicate to someone at a distance from you,
you don't have to shout :P just sign. =D
Learning sign language has kinda like brought me into a whole new world :)
I'm glad i took up this language..
other than.....
the presentation :P hehe.

alright.. back to my hong kong drama :P


Adele said...

hey hey i want to learn too! I've always thought about it! where where? For free??

Joo Ling said...

Come Learn!
You can register at YMCA!!
I'm now doing Basic.
RM300/15 sessions
2 session/day
Saturday class

RM80 for one year Membership fees.

There's Basic. Level 1,2,3,4,5 from Level 1-5 is RM280/level

:) come join the fun!! :P